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Duration:  2018 -  2019   |    Role:   Graphic    Designer and Editor

Of Sound Mind is a crowd-sourced book of letters, stories, artwork, and photographs about the state of mental health. Tender, funny and cathartic, the entries allow us to take a moment to pause and celebrate the best of life and remind us we are not alone.

Being an introvert and prone to bouts of anxiety, I often found it difficult to share my problems with those I know and love. Over time, I've found it easier to express my thoughts and feelings. It was daunting at first, but gradually it started to make me feel better. I realised how important it is to share these experiences. This book and project as a whole is an attempt to provide an environment for people to share and be given a chance to get something off their chest, to put words to thoughts that might be too complicated to speak aloud.

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