Of Sound Mind is a crowd-sourced book of letters, stories, artwork, and photographs about the state of mental health. Tender, funny and cathartic, the entries allow us to take a moment to pause and celebrate the best of life and remind us we are not alone.

Being an introvert and prone to bouts of anxiety, I often found it difficult to share my problems with those I know and love. Over time, I've found it easier to express my thoughts and feelings. It was daunting at first, but gradually it started to make me feel better. I realised how important it is to share these experiences. This book and project as a whole is an attempt to provide an environment for people to share and be given a chance to get something off their chest, to put words to thoughts that might be too complicated to speak aloud.

Of Sound Mind

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Beta Utopia


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IN COLLABORATION WITH  Anna Tsuda,  Maria  Than   Safiya Ahmed   Digital Maker Collective   CRIN   Beta Society | DURATION 2018 - 2019

Beta Utopia was a week-long event exploring social mobility and citizen-centred innovation at Tate Exchange. a collaboration between Beta society and CRIN (new and dynamic perspectives on human rights issues, with a focus on children’s rights.) CRIN is a Centre for creative thinking on the human rights of children and young people. They challenge the status quo because the norms that dictate children’s place in society need radical change. To this end, we encourage people to think critically about the world by exploring big questions through artwork, writing and our vision for the future, because if we can’t imagine it, we can’t achieve it.


We are therefore launching a new project called Utopia – a collective that draws a picture of what a right – respecting world would look like, bringing together the factual and imaginary as a tool for change.